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My story

Why do I make movies?

It's the most challenging and rewarding way of living.

Why do I make arthouse films?  Making arthouse films it's the best way to deliver a meaningful message as a personal statement.

I feel very honored to be one of the most awarded directors in Chile and I have movies released around the globe and reviewed in top press. I am also very proud to be an awarded film music composer, as I have the same passion for both arthouse cinema and classical music.

In the eighties I resided in Manhattan, New York, while I was studying graduate film programs at NYU and New School University. In those years I made some award winning shorts and experimental feature length films, including 'One', 'The Grey Circumstance', 'Echoes', and 'Intruder In The Park'.

Since 1985 I have worked as independent scriptwriter, director, film composer, producer and executive production consultant, both in the US and Chile.

Back in Chile, I founded some important cultural institutions and film academic organizations, such as the Center for Performing Arts of Universidad de Chile, Ibermedia Film Seminars for Creative Production, International School Film Festivals. A passion that took almost my entire energy for a decade.  During these years I managed to make some shorts and documentaries, including 'Aprendiendo a Ser Feliz' (Learning Happiness), 'Los Niños y Los Libros' (Children and Books), 'Sombras Postreras' (Late Shadows), and musical clips for the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile and the National Ballet Company, all broadcasted by major Chilean TV networks.

In 1994, I made my feature debut in Chile titled 'Hasta En Las Mejores Familias' (successfully released in the USA home entertainment market as Even in the Best of Families), a film almost banned locally but shortly after invited to international festivals like La Habana, Lérida, Biarritz, among others.

Soon I started my production company Amerindia Films in Chile. I have been its President/CEO since then. I have made all my Chilean film works under this umbrella. I made some experimental shorts before making my second feature film 'La Estación Ausente' (The Absent Season) in 2004, theatrically/DVD released in the country and internationally invited to key festivals. The film was released by Warner in 2011 for the US Home Entertainment market.

In 2013, I re-released a new version of my opera prima with the new title 'Family Virtues' in the US DVD/educational market.

By then I have decided to quit all my academic positions and commit all my energy to the making of arthouse feature films. I worked for 3 years to develop a slate of projects and in 2016 I started preproducion of the feature film 'El Destello de la Luna' (Shining Moon) based on a outstanding LGBT Chilean homonymous play. The movie is an acclaimed work, theatrically released in New York and receiving awesome critics reviews in the NY Times and other US press. The film was the first Chilean movie ever been awarded at top festivals in India and is currently available worldwide on biggest streaming networks.

In 2019, I completed another feature film based the classical play 'The Pelican' by Swedish writer August Strindberg. The film became in 2020 the most award winning Chilean films in festivals around the world. The film was theatrically screened in Germany and Chile, being also available on biggest global streaming networks.

In 2020, I edited a longer  new version of my acclaimed LGBT movie ‘El Destello de la Luna’, being released as ‘Shining Moon Director’s Cut’, already award winner at several international festivals. The film soon will be theatrically released and delivered to home entertainment via non-theatrical circuits.

In 2022, I released my latest feature film ‘Regresar al Final’ (Return to the End), shot in 2020-2021 during the pandemic confinement, becoming soon one of the most awarded Chilean movies at several international festivals. The film soon will be theatrically released as well and delivered to home entertainment via non-theatrical circuits.

During these years I have released 2 music albums worldwide with Classical and Film Music, currently available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and others. My score for 'La Estación Ausente' was nominated in 2005 for the World Soundtrack Awards in Belgium. My score for ‘Pelícano’ has awarded 3 Best Score laurels in festivals around the globe.

I am honored to be Member of the Executive Commitee of the Universal Film Festivals Organization based in London, an entity dedicated to promote ethical standards for festivals worldwide.

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