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Paula Leoncini studies stage acting at the University of Chile and the Escuela Teatro Imagen. She participates in the Macunaíma group in Brazil, directed by director Antunes Filho. Acting seminar by Carmen Rico. Workshop “Hearing techniques” by Victoria Mack. Stanislavsky Method Revision dictated by Valentín Tepliakov. Physical and Visual Theater with Director Pete Brooks. In Theater she plays in productions "Being a romantic traveler", "The sisters-in-law", "Azul M.D.", "Siddartha", "Dark Habits" presented at the FRYNGE Festival in New York and then "Las Seamstresses". In TV series: "Divine Treasure", "Lives at Risk", "Pink Code". In TV she plays in "The Colombian", "Blood pact", "100 days to fall in love", "Poor boyfriend". In film she plays in “To kill a man”, “La prima luce“, “Attitude test”, “The flash of light“. For more than 30 years she is also dedicated to theater teaching and casting direction.

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