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(original title: REGRESAR AL FINAL)

A story of love, the pandemic and a family torn apart

A film by Gustavo Letelier

Arthouse Film Directors | Amerindia Films | Regresar al Final

Follow the story of Esteban and Daniel as they navigate turbulent times in Chile. Will their relationship survive the pandemic and Esteban's family bringing in conflicts from the past? How can they get closer when they have to be apart?

The most awarded Chilean film in 2022


Santiago, Chile, 2018. Young Esteban's family is in crisis. His father Fernando is on a long trip and his mother Ximena must deal with a selfish and demanding son. Ximena tries that her sister-in-law Mercedes helps her, as she doesn’t do well the role of the mother. Then Ximena goes into an emotional crisis and dies in a car accident in Santiago. Esteban leaves the spacious family house and settles alone in a coastal city in southern Chile, blaming his father for the tragedy. The world is not yet facing the pandemic.

It's 2020. Down South, Esteban has recently met Daniel, a handsome young New Yorker. They immediately fall in love and start living together. But the coronavirus pandemic begins to expand throughout the world and Daniel must return to New York to be with his parents. Fernando, now a jobless widower, lives alone in an old rather deteriorated house.

It is 2024. Four years have passed and Daniel is still in New York, hoping to return to Chile soon, since his relationship with Esteban is still full of life, while the planet faces a fourth year of the pandemic. The world is a more complex place to live and connect. Javiera, Esteban's sister, has returned to Chile and is only in contact with her father Fernando. She has married Guillermo, with whom she has two small children.

Fernando is now 65 years old. Mercedes wants to celebrate his birthday and reunite the family virtually. She summons them because she also has an inevitable decision to communicate them, surprising them all. The virtual encounter unleashes painful wounds from the past, exposes present threats and forecasts fears on the future. There are old emotional wounds that are already irreparable, the most intense memories remain indelible and decisions appear complex and unavoidable. The end, for some, is a dead end. For others it is an opportunity to recover what was lost.

Regresar al Final | Arthouse Film Directors | Amerindia Films



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José Miguel de la Barra 450 #81
Santiago, CL


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